Lammi Custom Sherlock SweetLeaf 1off New

This 1off is 5" overall. Mark did a solid royal blue with blue and white Leaf Lammi style. Super clean piece. $595 ​Sale $495

ShawnDaddy Custom Hammer Redwood Scene (RED)

This hammer is 5" overall. It features a front window redwood scene with butterflies, animals, and mushrooms. It has 5 other windows with heady wig wag and peyote button with millies throughout.  $995

​ PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A VIDEO!                                 SFG is Snodgrass Family Glass

Brian Padilla Custom Sherlock '18 New

This 1off is 5.5" overall. Brian used gold and silver for his fold overs along with line work on the mouth piece and bowl. Changes color. SFG! $1895

Adam Rosenfeld Hammer #1 Full Fume 1off New
This 1off is 6" overall. Adam did sections of different fuming styles with an OG moss marble and 2 heady ones. Changes color when used. Signed.​ $325

Caleb Gabbert Sherlock Rainbow LineWork New

This 1off is 7" overall. It features 8 sections and has a heady disk. Sock flip with perfect line work. Signed. $595

Caleb Gabbert Custom Hammer #1 1off New

This 1off is 6.5" overall. It has two fumed tentacles and a flower button. It has 2 magnified marbles and will change color when used. $395

Brian Padilla Custom Hammer '19 New

This 1off is 5.5 overall. Brian did a ghost sliver fume throughout. It has 2 magnetic marble and 2 heady ones. Changes color. SFG! $1295

Snodgrass Family Collab x Jerry Kelly Sherlock

This sherlock is 8.75" overall. Ginny, John, and Bob all contributed to the piece along with Jerry. It features many Grateful Dead scenes and a skull millie with illuminati eyes. Signed. SFG! SOLD

Bob Snodgrass x Jerry Kelly Custom Hammer

This 1off is 6.25" overall. The entire can features Bob Snodgrass hyroglyphic art with big skull marble with illuminati eyes. There are also Grateful Dead millies throughout the stem. Signed. SFG! SOLD

Lammi Custom Sidecar Full Fume 1off New

This 1off is 5.25 overall. Mark did all styles of fuming throughout with a sun milli and ghost milli. $550 ​Sale $495

Adam Rosenfeld Hammer #2 Full Fume 1off New
This 1off is 6.5" overall. Adam did 8 different fuming styles with silver and gold. Perfection. Changes color when used. Signed.​

Lammi Custom Sherlock BlueMarble 1off New

This 1off is 5.75" overall. Mark did a blue with insane fuming Lammi style with purple, teal, blue, white and black bowl.  $695

​Bob Snodgrass Custom Top Hat Sherlock 1off New

This 1off is 9.5" overall. This Snoddy has 24k gold and silver fuming with skulls,  faces throughout with fogged eyes and a skull marble as a stand. Changes colors when used. ILLuminati Signed. SFG! $1695

Brad Tenner Psychadelic Hammer 1off New #1          This 1off is 5.5" overall. Brad did gold and silver psychedelic fuming throughout with a marble wrap around the set. Changes color! SFG! $420

Bob Snodgrass Custom Ultra HAmmer 1off New

​This 1off is 10" overall. Bob put his legendary 24k gold and silver fuming throughout with orbs, faces marbles galore This was in on display at Apex Art. Changes color when used. Signed. SFG! SOLD

Travis Wigger Custom Tophat 1off NewThis 1off is 8.5"" overall. Travis did 24k gold and silver fuming throughout with skulls, faces, and orbs.  SFG! SOLD  


ShawnDaddy Custom Fume Kelp bed SideCar 1off New 

This 1off is 6" overall. Shawn did a Kelp on the front with a river and a Bonzai on the stem with wildlife throughout the stem. He did rare heady milli's inlayed throughout with sections of wigwag. 3 big marbles display more Milli's. Please ask for a video. $995 Sale $895

Brian Padilla Custom Full Fume Hammer #1  
This hammer is 5" overall. It is made with 24k gold and silver and changes colors when used. It features 4 small millie marbles. 


Bob Snodgrass Custom Large SideCar 1off New

This 1off is 9" overall. Bob put a lot of work with 24k gold and silver fuming throughout with faces, skulls dancing bear, skull marble and music note. It has a special Snodgrass Face milli on the side. Changes color when used. Signed. SFG! $1995

BBadtram Custom Forest Scene Sherlock 1off New

This 1off is 6" overall. BBad did a fuming with a forest scene with flowers, dragon flys, Bud the skunk, a deer plus more. It has 5 large marbles with different sought after millies. SFG! $795 ​Sale $495

Lammi Custom Sherlock FumeWag 1off New

This 1off is 5.5" overall. Mark did fuming with some added wigwag style.  It has 4 psychedelic marbles placed perfectly. Changes color when used. $595 Sale $525

Rosenfeld Deluxe Sherlock #1 1off New

This 1off is 5" overall. Adam did a 5 sections of fuming with 8 psychedelic marbles with an OG moss one.  Incredible fuming work. Please ask for a video.  $650

Stan Alba Custom "Smoke the Dragon" 1off 1998

This 1off is 11.75 overall. Stan modeled the dragon after Bob Snodgrass 95' version. Piper Dan did the eyes and milli work. This is a legendary steam roller. Ask for a video! SFG! $4495 ​Sale $3495

Bob Snodgrass Hammer SuperHeady Circa 2000

This hammer is 6" overall. It has marble, skulls, orbs, and ghost faces and many more! Signed SFG! $2295

Lammi Custom Chillum BlkMarble 1off New​   This 1off is 3.75" overall. Mark did a solid black    with Psychedelic fuming throughout Lammi style with 4 swirly marbles and 5 little clear ones. $395 Sale $295 

Adam Rosenfeld HamLock Full Fume 1off New

This 1off is 6" overall. Adam did sections of  5 fuming styles with an intricate fumed wing coming off the can attaching to the stem. Changes color when used. Signed.  $495

Caleb Gabbert Sidelock Full Fume New​    

This 1off is 6.5" overall. It has original shaping and a large wigwag button. It also features 4 fuming styles. Changes color when used. Signed.​ $395

Brian Padilla Custom Medium Sherlock   

This sherlock is 6" overall. It is made with 24k gold and silver and changes color when used. It features 6 small millie marbles. $1995

​​Adam Rosenfeld Sherlock #2 Blue&Fume 1off New​

This 1off is 6" overall. Adam did 2 styles of fuming and blue section with pink marbles, pink connector with a fumed kick stand. Changes color when used. Signed. ​$345

Ginny&Jon Custom TopHat 1off New

This 1off is 4.5" overall. Ginny and Jon did there thing with 24k gold and silver fuming with mini marbles. Changes color when used. Signed. Snodgrass Family. SFG! $445 ​Sale $345

Caleb Gabbert Custom Hammer #2 New

This 1off is 6.25" overall. It features 4 fume styles with 6 magnetic marbles and one heady. Signed. $195

Hugh Custom Full Color Wigwag Rare 1off Set New

This set has a Hammer that is 5.75" and a Chillum that is 5" overall. Hugh rarely does color, this has a greens, yellow, black and white throughout with a little fume on the bottom. Both with matching psychedelic marbes. SFG! $995 ​Sale $895

Lammi Custom Sherlock Native 1off New

This 1off is 5.5" overall. Mark did aqua, white,tan, brown and CFL wigwag Lammi style.  It has 6 psychedelic marbles placed perfectly. $595

Bob Snodgrass x Cameron Tower Knuckle Hammer

This hammer is 6" overall. There are faces, orbs, and ghosts. There are also knuckles located on the can and consists of illuminati. Signed. SFG! $1395